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FAQ about trailer rental


Frequently Asked Questions

If you have another other questions not covered here, call us! Thanks.

01. Is there a minimum age to rent a trailer or tool?

No. While some companies set an age rental restriction, if you are above 18 with a valid driver's license and insurance, you can rent from us.

02. Which items are prohibited from being hauled in a rented trailer?

Hazardous materials like fuel, paints, chemicals and waste are prohibited. If you have any particular items you are not sure about, please feel free to contact us for clarification.

03. Do you have tips I can read about renting a trailer?

While the renter is responsible for all aspects of safety and security, transporting, moving, loading or unloading our trailers, we have some general tips: Know the height of your trailer and pay attention to the height of what you go under, including but not limited to bridges, trees, awnings, etc. Never go through a drive-thru with a trailer. 65mph or slower! Always!! Never go over curbs and avoid potholes. Loading a trailer should only be done when attached to a vehicle. Use a spotter when backing up or moving a trailer. Use caution around gas stations, stores and overhead signs. Watch your heights! For longer trailers pay attention to turning, swing a bit wider to avoid curbs and signs, etc.

04. I don't have the right size hitch, do you rent them?

We do carry a selection of rental hitches as well as hitches available for sale.

04. Do you deliver?

Yes! We can deliver to Murfreesboro for $45 (any trailer and supplies). We can deliver outside of Murfreesboro for an additional fee, please inquire.

05. Can I return the trailer after hours?

While we have cameras on location to allow for any date/time drop off, we prefer that a Mudrock Rentals employee checks your unit in and can secure the unit before leaving between the hours of 9am-6pm, M-F or 10-3 on Sat. Call us for special accomdation requests.

06. Do you do hitch repair, wiring or other mechanical service?

While we do not perform these services, our sister company Mudrock4x4 does have on staff mechanics during business hours. Those services are available for an additional fee - just about anything mechancial, wiring, hitch installation, fuses and more.

07. Is there a security deposit required to rent from Mudrock Rentals?

Yes! We have a minimum security deposit for all trailers of $500 applied to a credit card only. Tools have different security deposits. The good news is we return the deposit shortly after a rental once equipment returned in same condition.

08. What if I damage the rental?

Don't panic or worry - it happens! The first thing you want to do is call us right away and report it. When you brin g the trailer back, we will work up an inspection of the damage area and find a solution. Since our vehicles leave under HD quality video cameras from multiple angles, we know the condition of when they leave - we will never hold you responsible for something that you did not do. We will work through the damage to determine the most cost effective way to resolve the damage and work with your insurance provider if it comes to that.

08. Are there limitations on where I can take the rental?

No! You can use the rental and haul it anywhere in the United States.

09. Can you deliver the trailer to my locationl?

Yes! For an additional fee, we can deliver the trailer to your location and pickup.

10. Do you rent other items for am move or a job?

Yes! We have a host of items that are being added to the website that include moving jacks, dollies, pads, tools and more. Please call to see if we have what you need.

11. In insurance required to rent from Mudrock Rentals?

Yes! We do require that you have insurance that covers the rental.

12. What age is required to rent a trailer?

We prefer that the renter be 25 years or older but will review on a case-by-case .

13. How many locations do you have?

Presnetly we have one lcoation in Murfreesboro TN. We are looking at opening two locations, one in Nashville and one in Manchester.

14. What is required on my vehicle to rent from you?

1. You must make sure that the size and weight of the trailer you are towing match up. 2. You will want to check and verify if you have a "four pin" or a "7 pin" plug for electric. We do rent/sell convertors for most vehicles. 3. A Brake controller is required in the State of Tennessee for rentals that weighh 1500lbs plus. We do rent plug and use modules that work with Iphone or Android phones. Mudrock4x4 - sister cokmpany can install a controller permanently if you have a schedule appointment.

15. What is a brake controller and how does it work?

A brake controller is an electronic device installed in the cab of a tow vehicle that manages and operates the electric brakes of a trailer. It allows the driver to activate and regulate the trailer's brakes from the vehicle, ensuring synchronized braking between the tow vehicle and the trailer for safer stops. The brake controller detects the tow vehicle's braking through a connection to its braking system and sends a signal to the trailer's brake system to apply the brakes. The intensity and timing of the brake application can be adjusted manually or automatically, depending on the type of brake controller—time-delayed or proportional. Proportional controllers adjust the braking force in direct relation to the vehicle's braking speed, offering smoother stops, while time-delayed controllers apply a preset amount of braking force with a delay adjustable by the driver.