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Is there a minimum age to rent a trailer or tool?

Yes.   We have set a minimum age to rent any of our products at 25 years old and we are unable to make any exceptions to that policy.

Thank you for understanding!

Which items are prohibited from being hauled in a rented trailer?

Hazardous materials like fuel, paints, chemicals and waste are prohibited.  If you have any particular items you are not sure about, please feel free to contact us for clarification.

Do you have tips I can read about renting a trailer?

While the renter is responsible for all aspects of safety and security, transporting, moving, loading or unloading our trailers, we have some general tips:

  • Know the height of your trailer and pay attention to the height of what you go under, including but not limited to bridges, trees, awnings, etc.
  • Never go through a drive-thru with a trailer.
  • 65mph or slower!  Always!!
  • Never go over curbs and avoid potholes.
  • Loading a trailer should only be done when attached to a vehicle.
  • Use a spotter when backing up or moving a trailer.
  • Use caution around gas stations, stores and overhead signs.
  • Watch your heights!
  • For longer trailers pay attention to turning, swing a bit wider to avoid curbs and signs, etc.

Is a security deposit required for trailer rental?

Yes!  We have a minimum security deposit for all trailers of $500.  The good news is we return it shortly after a rental once equipment returned in same condition.

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